This is a blog about life experiences at around the age of a few years plus or minus 30.

A little bit about me:

Me at House of Air doing split

I’m crazy. Well, just a little. I say stupid shit all the time and  have been fired for it twice in my life. I frequently have the thought bubble above my head that says:

But although I’ve gotten much, much better about it in the past 11 years, I still need a filter (or muzzle) put over my  mouth sometimes.

I’m passionate about many things, have an opinion on EVERYTHING and I hate stupid people. I can’t help it, but I just have no patience with people who are dumber than I am. It’s a character flaw, I know. But I love myself warts and all anyway. Go figure. Add narcissistic to the list of descriptors, I guess.

On some days I’m like a walking oxymoron. I’m also a klutz. My mom used to refer to me as a “bull in a China shop” so thankfully, she didn’t name me “Grace.” And my life faux pas always seem to revolve around the bathroom. (see Dreadful Hose at RedRoom). That little essay won me “blog of the week” and a little prize.

And I’m a Twitter Addict. I also love Google+ right now and have 2 Facebook fan pages – one for my writing and one for my alter ego on FoodieFool.com.

St. Barth Cocktail


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