USPS Customer Service Scam

I am a planner. I plan things way in advance, almost to a fault. This year, I was especially prepared for the holidays. I had most of my presents bought before Black Friday, wrapped and in boxes to be shipped across the U.S. Then I came down with the flu so that set me back a few days. But, on December 10th, I proudly walked to the post office where there was no line and attempted to mail my packages. And here is where it gets interesting.

I had a padded envelope and a box. The box weighed a little over 6 lbs and the envelope was a few ounces. The envelope went first-class because it was under one pound and got there in 3 days. That’s what I’d expect. The box however had to go Priority Mail for over $30+ or we could go cheaper, “standard post” for $18, and I was forewarned it would be much slower. I thought that was fine since it was more than two weeks ’til Christmas, no big deal.

photoThen the postal worker asks me, “Is there a card in there?” And being the honest and thoughtful person I am, I said, “Of course there is a card in there.” Then he said, “Well that’s an additional forty-six cents.” WTF??

So I didn’t want to make a scene over the principle of $0.46 since there was a line behind me now 8 people deep. HOWEVER, here are a list of my grievances:

  1. I am paying by weight, so theoretically, I am already paying for the weight of this card in my total bill. This cannot be legal. Can it??
  2. The package was scheduled to get there by December 17th, but, IT STILL ISN’T THERE. In fact, when I checked the tracking number it says that it is still being sorted at the “sorting facility.” Which means, that my friend is NEVER going to get her package on time now. Clearly, I could have walked it there and got it to her sooner.

To file a grievance with the post office about a package, it says, that most packages take 2-8 days to arrive at their destination, but only contact them after 14 days to inquire about your package. Well, that would be too late. So I filed my customer support ticket anyhow and surprise-surprise I have not heard anything.

Next year, I’m switching to FedEx!

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