My Call With Barack Obama

Today I had a call with President Barack Obama. Actually, many of us had a call with him. It was a call organized by his campaign leader Jeremy Bird. It was organized by Bird for the supporters of Obama’s 2012 campaign. He wanted to talk about the recent debate and what we needed to do in the next twenty days.  He said that although he had a good night the last night, Romney had a good night two weeks ago. That’s how it is in politics. You’re on top one minute, and in second place the next.

What was so cool about this call was that the POTUS actually did speak on the call. He even took two live questions from people who were on the call.  One guy from Ohio asked, “What one thing can I tell my friends who are going into the polls to vote?” Obama said that if they want a democracy that is not paid for by super PACs and lobbyists, an education for their kids,  and to rebuild America from the middle outward rather than the top down, then he’s their man.

I thought it was super cool that the POTUS took 20 minutes out of his busy schedule to get on a call with probably thousands of supporters.  I mean, this guy is very much like one of us. His speech wasn’t polished or prepared. He talked frankly and off-the-cuff. He seemed…like a normal guy you’d want to shoot hoops with or have dinner with some time, and he seemed tirelessly passionate about how he believes that we need to continue to move forward.  Simply put, he truly cares about the American people.

I will tell you that I am on the mailing list for the Obama campaign and I get hit daily with emails about pitching in and doing my part, because after all, together We Can, right? The one thing that resonated with me on this call and what should resonate with you is that this country has long been run by lobbyists and super PACs. It’s the mistake that every politician makes. You take the money, but it comes at a price. Obama learned that lesson the hard way with a Congress that wouldn’t budge. That’s why this time around his campaign is very grassroots. It’s about not taking the lobbyist and super PAC money, but having the campaign paid for by the people, for the people. So he doesn’t have to do things the lobbyists’ way.

But Barack Obama is not perfect. He makes mistakes like everyone else, however, he never ever said he’d clean up the mess that was left behind by the Bush Administration in one term. In fact, he said quite the opposite. He said that “we may not get it all done in one term, but we’ll get there.” And if we look back at what the POTUS has achieved this term, he’s done quite a bit that has made quite an impact now and will also impact our future. To name a few:

  1. He captured and killed one of the biggest terrorists the United States has ever seen, Osama Bin Laden.
  2. He got ObamaCare passed, which whether you like it or not, you shouldn’t knock it because horrible diseases like cancer don’t discriminate no matter how much money you do or don’t have. Besides, you never know when you’re going to find yourself or a loved one on the other side of that fence paying tens of thousands of dollars out of your own pocket because insurance didn’t want to pay. Believe me when I tell you that I speak from experience on this and you’ll be grateful if it happens to you or someone you care about.
  3. He got the U.S.  unemployment rate below 8% (7.8%) —  finally. Sure it wasn’t as quick as we would have liked, but it’s not above 12% where it was three years ago. And don’t think that the financial crisis happened over night. It took years for that to build up, it just happen to burst when Obama took office, but he wasn’t the cause of it. He just has to clean it up.
  4. He revived and strengthened the U.S. auto industry which provided jobs, reduced oil usage, and will reduce emissions that are responsible for climate change.
  5. He got our troops out of Iraq. Yes, the war probably went on for longer than it should have, but the man came through on his promise.

And sure you could counter that there’s a list of things he hasn’t done yet. But, again, he never said he’d do it all in one term. The most important thing to think about this election is, who do you think is going to fight for you, the American people,  in the Oval Office?

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