Warning: PA and FL Mitt Romney Doesn’t Want You To Vote

Photo credit Backyard Skeptics

You know I only write on this blog when I get super pissed or passionate about something. Well, this morning I woke up and in my Inbox I saw a video from MoveOn.org (below) about how this video might stop Mitt Romney from winning the election. I thought, might? You mean Americans are still contemplating voting for Romney – a lobbyist backed candidate who represents the epitome of our wretched economy?

In the video it states that the Romney campaign has started (2) two voter suppression campaigns. Having been a former Pennsylvanian, I couldn’t believe the first one where they show PA House Leader Mike Turzai state that the new voter ID law “will allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania.” Huh? There are 750,000 voters in PA who do not have proper photo ID so even though they are of legal age and have earned the right to vote in this country, they won’t be able to do so? Is this whole election really only about not allowing Obama to be a 2-term President? The bottom line is that photo-ID laws make it more difficult for minorities, the elderly, and the poor. Shouldn’t everyone have a right to vote? If you don’t have a voter ID, you can get one by calling the Committee for Seventy who is a nonpartisan Pennsylvania Voter ID Coalition at 1-866-OUR-VOTE. For more on the new PA photo-ID voter law, you can view this article in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The other voter suppression law passed in Florida is targeting African Americans. The new law restricts the number of early voting days from 12 to 8 days.   There are 67 counties in Florida, and five  that are covered by federal voting law did not pass this new law. However, that leaves 62 counties that are covered by this law. And in an election that is more important than 2008 where African Americans and other minorities utilized early voting privileges more than whites to vote for Obama,  discriminating against 62 other counties in Florida may give the state of Florida to Romney. For more on this law, see this article from PBS.

What can you do? If you live in Florida, make sure you don’t let the cut back on early voting days affect your right to vote by planning ahead of time. If you live in PA, make sure you have photo ID and if you don’t, call the phone number listed above.

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