Awkward Life Moments

Ever have those moments in life where it’s so obvious but you can’t open your mouth because there would be a bubble of awkward silence? I decided to make a list of them, feel free to add to it:

  1. When your dentist has bad breath – it’s not like you can tell him/her while they are inside examining your mouth.
  2. When you are confronted with a “hugger” – it’s not like you can say, “oh, I don’t hug.” or “I’m sorry, but I’ve got a moratorium on hugging right now”
  3. When you are in a meeting and someone silently farts – it’s not like you can announce to the whole meeting, “Did someone just lay a stinker?” or “Whoa, something smells, do you smell that?”
  4. When your feet are in those stirrups just before an exam and you pass some gas and your O.B. walks in right after  – it’s not like they don’t know you just farted so is it better to just ‘fess up?
  5. When you are talking about someone who you think can’t hear you because they have their ear buds in their ears, but their music or phone is actually off and then they comment back on your dialogue. Oops.
Have any awkward life moments like that?
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