Best Advice Dad Ever Gave

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve reached out across my networks and asked the simple question: What’s the best advice your Dad ever gave you?

My father is classic old school Italian. He carries a pair of brass knuckles in his pocket to this day and he’s never used them. He makes me laugh. I reflected and remembered the best advice my father ever gave me and came up with two pieces. The first was in sixth grade when I was going to fight a girl after school and before I left for school that day he said, “Remember, whatever you do, throw the first punch and go right for the nose!” I have to say that it paid off and despite the turmoil, she and I are now friends on Facebook!

The second piece of advice my father ever gave me and anyone else who would express their opinion that he didn’t agree with was, “Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.” What can I say, except that he was right again! And now, a word from my network of friends via Twitter, Facebook, and A Band of Wives, here are some of the best pieces of advice Dad ever gave:

(in no particular order)

  1. Go to school and earn a degree so you’ll never have to work in a factory like me. (@HeiddiZ)
  2. I remember my dad always telling me, when something bad was going on, that, “this too shall come to pass.” from the Bible. (@bubbri)
  3. To rise above anything that is put in my path (@LuvMiAzIAm)
  4. Don’t let the a$$holes get you down. (Carol L via Facebook)
  5. If you work hard, do your best always and never give up people will recognize you and promote you. (Chanel via Facebook)
  6. To always tell it like it is 🙂 (NELCP via Facebook)
What’s the best advice your Dad ever gave you?
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