What happens in Vegas…

You know the old saying, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? That was true five years ago, but that has since gone out the door when social media came along. What “happens in Vegas” can now ruin your marriage, your career, and cause major embarrassment. Yikes! So why is it that people feel the need to share every single second of their lives with everyone they know + everyone they don’t know? 

These days Gen Y is defined by ‘instant gratification’ – they want everything now or five minutes ago.  And why shouldn’t they? They not only have the technology to do it, but they bring new meaning to the Burger King slogan: “Have it your way,” by being able to personalize each experience – from music, to television. The world is literally their oyster but can they handle all of the responsibility?

What people don’t realize is that you are your own brand. You define yourself by whether you wear glasses or contacts, by the car you drive, the purse you carry, and by the clothes and designers that you wear. But you also define yourself by actions you take such as: the pages you become “fans” of on Facebook, the music you listen to on Pandora, the tweets you make and the groups you join. All of these actions define who you are — the brand of Y.O.U.

Twitter is searchable and admissible in a court of law. In fact, all tweets are part of the Library of Congress and public information. Facebook’s entire premise is to make you share everything with everybody, which is why their privacy options are like an anagram. Once you join a public social network, you should assume that all of your information is public knowledge, because in some way, it is or will be. Whether Facebook sells your information to advertiser, or an application you downloaded grabs your information and sells it — either way, when you put it out on the web, your thought is not in pencil anymore- it’s in INK. Just like email, it has no tone and is open to interpretation, to be twisted in whatever format people want to interpret it in. Privacy will soon be a thing of the past that is valued by none and coveted by few. Will you be one of those few?

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