In today’s world, we have become increasingly dependent on technology. But when it goes awry or doesn’t meet our expectations, it seems to be enough to make you loose all sense of control and composure. I admire those people who refuse to succumb to peer pressure and join Facebook or Twitter. I admire those people who insist on handwritten personal correspondence and most of all, today, I particularly envy those that still have a dial-up phone.

Yes, today you would have thought that I had electricity running through my fingertips for everything I touched seemed to not work. It started out in the morning with work, WebEx wasn’t cooperating, a minor set back. But then, my iPhone’s batter died and it decided it wanted to reset itself to factory settings. When I reluctantly agreed to restore, it didn’t want to and through a tantrum. I felt as if I had kind of been thrown back into the mid-90’s suddenly. I had to resort to only email and my cordless phone. Say what??

I am fortunate I guess, in that I even own a cordless phone. I only have one because it’s connected to the front doorbell. As I was struggling to figure out how to communicate my handicap over email to my husband (that I had no cell phone, and therefore no SMS), it dawned on me that I just became severely handicapped. I have set myself up so that I am almost unable to function without my iPhone and heaven forbid if the internet went down too, I’d be rendered useless.

Then I thought, how liberating would it be to not be connected — for once. I remember once reading some guy went technology free for one month. Don’t know how he did it, but I certainly felt like a higher power was telling me that I need to step away from the computer, away from the iPhone and do something else. But what? Everything I do is on the computer or my phone. I suppose I could meditate, be still. Hmm, nah.

Patiently, I went through the laundry list of ‘troubleshooting’ techniques. I finally got it to restore to factory settings but it didn’t want to sync with a previous back up. Ugh. Eventually, it backed up, but not without the sacrifice of some loss of data – no biggie. I’ll survive. However, I now know how useless I’ll be should the internet and my iPhone go down at the same time. Time to come up with a back up plan that doesn’t involve either.

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