Life As We Know It – In Graphs

Today I got this email that made me laugh out loud. It had way more graphs on it from but I thought these six were worth sharing.

Since I used to drink a lot of wine before I left my “dream job” at TiVo to do freelance consulting work and since I also freelance write as a career coach for the SF Examiner, this one seemed so poignant and made me laugh first.

This one, well, we’ve all been here at some point in our life, even if you just bought dumb-bells – am I right?

An interesting graph on time spent and our perception. This rings so true to heart because I have the patience of a 6 year old, particularly when technology doesn’t work quickly enough for me.

I don’t watch CSI, but this made me laugh out loud because I used to be a MacGyver and Alias fan and I learned plenty from those shows.

I started my Facebook account for business and now all of my worlds have collided (for me in a good way, for the guy who made this graph, he should really just learn how to say NO).

Okay, I have to admit, I think this ALL the time.

Thanks to whoever started this email chain and thanks to the guy at GraphJam who made these – well done grasshopper, well done.

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