My Mom vs Trader Joe’s

Is it me, or are there just some things that you just shouldn’t eat in public? For example, ladies, when on a date, should probably not order spaghetti. My mother taught me that one. She said that it was so damn hard to twirl it on the spoon and eat it like a lady. Too much to concentrate on when you have a potential mate sitting across from you watching your every move. Her solution when you wind up at an Italian restaurant on a date? Order ravioli! They break apart nice and easily with a fork, she said. (Thanks Mom!)

Ironically, just the other day I could hear her voice again in my head but offering different advice this time.  I wasn’t eating spaghetti or on a date. I had purchased a box of Go Bananas – a delicious frozen chocolate dipped banana treat for myself from Trader Joe’s. Now back in my twenties my boyfriend and I use to buy the kit in the supermarket where you melted the chocolate by submerging the plastic bag of chocolate in a cup of hot water. Then you  stabbed some banana halves with Popsicle sticks, dipped them in the liquid chocolate and threw them in the freezer. In an hour, you had what looked like curved chocolate penises on a stick.  Now you can buy them already pre-dipped at Trader Joe’s and there is no waiting, no mess to clean up. You can eat one right out of the box. Talk about instant gratification.

However, it did look weird watching my boyfriend “Mmm, mmmm, mmm” while eating his frozen chocolate dipped banana on a stick. I could only imagine what he was thinking of watching me eat it. If these were around during my mother’s era, I am sure she would have advised that ladies should not eat them in public unless they wanted to send the message that they were “loose” to all of the men in the room. For men it’s different. Look at Telly Savalas. He practically made sucking  a lollipop look cool back in his Kojak days. But for women, unless you’re biting it off with your front teeth like Bugs Bunny does with a carrot, it’s always going to send some male’s brain to the dark side.

So, no surprise that I (and my mother would) only recommend eating these in the privacy of your own house.

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