If one more person asks, how to increase Facebook fans…

First let me disclaim that I am not a marketer or a salesperson. I have no interest in selling you anything.  I write this blog for free. However, after 25 years in the workforce and spending the past 15 years in the technology industry, I feel like I know a little something about technology and marketing  and I like to share my knowledge because I am a philanthropist at heart, besides, isn’t that what the world wide web is for – share, share, share? Must everything be monetized for crying out loud?

The question I often get when conversing with others about social media is “How do I increase my Facebook fans?” Then before I can answer,  some slick marketer interrupts with, “I think Facebook ads are a great idea to  get more fans!” Ugh. The thing about marketers (and this is why I am not one), is that they are always trying to sell, and not always trying to help. Can’t advice be free for once?

Here’s the deal. You want more Facebook fans right? So first ask yourself why you want more Facebook fans? Is it for brand awareness? Is it to ultimately drive eyeballs to your website? Is it for a particular upcoming promotion or campaign? Facebook ads are fine for initial brand awareness, but not a long term strategy. They are also fine if you have a particular campaign they are associated with, such as an awareness campaign for a cause or a promotion or contest. They are NOT good for driving eyeballs back to your site.

Now that you know why you want more fans, what are your options? Here are 7 ideas to increase your Facebook fans:

  1. Install a FB “like” widget on your company blog or your personal website. On your FB Fan page under your logo, click Edit Page, on right nav, scroll down until you find Promote with a Like Box (under the Promote Your Page section). Follow the instructions from there. It’s super easy.
  2. Create a targeted ad with the “like” button for a specific campaign (and the campaign should NOT be “Become a Fan or Join our Facebook page…” such as a product,  a sale promotion, an awareness campaign
  3. Promote it via Twitter and tweet to your constituents that you have a FB fan page and be sure to provide the link. If you don’t make it easy for them, they are not going to go looking for you.
  4. Host a contest or a give-away where the condition is that the person needs to get 5 friends to “like” your page and in return they get…x
  5. Do a specific email campaign to your constituents letting them know that you are trying to reach a Facebook fan page goal. If they are truly your constituents (and not a list you bought) then they won’t mind helping you out.
  6. Suggest to your friends. You can only do 20 or so a day, but it’s more viral that way. Plus, you reduce the risk of being banned from Facebook for SPAMMING people.
  7. Engage your constituents because you can 10,000 fans but if they are not “active” fans then it doesn’t really matter how many you have on FB or followers on Twitter. An “active” fan is your marketing billboard. Engage with polls, daily questions, quizzes, contests, etc. So many ideas out there.

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