Twitter Addict

Okay, it’s official – I ‘m addicted to Twitter. I don’t know what it is but now that’s where I get my news, find out about new cool technology and things that are happening in the world. I even have conversations with cool people that I never even met. These are just a few things of why I find it so addicting and powerful.

Twitter, I feel, is one of the most fascinating pieces of technology of this generation. It also makes it super easy to integrate into your other social networks, making social networking not as time consuming as it otherwise would be. The third party developer API’s are multiplying like rabbits.

Although I could go on gushing about Twitter for hours, because I’m all about brevity, I’ve put together my top favorite Twitter apps and my top reasons for loving Twitter (and why you should too.)

Top 5 reasons to be addicted to Twitter

  • Business: Network with people who are in your same field of interest
  • Social: A giant chat room to converse with really cool people with similar interests (or not!)
  • News: find out what’s going on in the world, in technology, in your neighborhood – anywhere, everywhere 24×7
  • Jobs: find a job in your field by tweeting a lot about your expertise
  • Brevity: It limits those verbose people you know into 140 characters – which is AWESOME!

Top 5 Favorite Apps:

  • Tweetstats – the ability to look at your stats in beautiful easy to understand graphs is heavenly
  • HootSuite – the ability to schedule my tweets on multiple accounts is the biggest time saver, plus iPhone app
  • – the ability to update all of your social networks at the same time with one click
  • Tap11 – and HootSuite combined – update all networks with one click AND there’s a scheduler, plus iPhone app.
    (*Downside is that this is in beta and is currently for businesses only. They are going to start charging businesses in mid-June. But maybe it will be free for individuals.)
  • FriendorFollow – it helps you keep track of people who follow you just so you’ll follow them and then they abandon you like you have bird flu.
    Honorable mentions:
  • TweetDeck and Mr.Tweet – allow me to follow people with the same interests or do a search by keyword.

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