The Race is On:Tortoise and the Hare

These days in the rat race of life it seems that everyone is in a hurry. I know that sometimes I rush around when I do things the last minute, we all are guilty of that and I’m no different. But, sometimes I think people are robbing themselves of what’s around them by not slowing down or even being still for just a moment. I’m not about to get all granola on you and talk about being still with oneself, you have to get to that point on your own. But it just seems that these days the immediate need for gratification ten seconds ago is what makes people hurry their lives along.

Ordinarily I don’t really mind when people are in a hurry and they scurry around me like little jack rabbits and treat me as if I’m a two hundred pound tortoise in the middle of the road. But when they are knocking me over with their oversized Louis Vuitton bag or honking their horn for no apparent reason other than that I am not going fast enough for them, it borderlines down right rudeness. At least apologize when you hit me with your giant bag or give me a gentle toot with the horn. I promise I will move out of the way.

In these moments I want to scream, “relax already” because we are not in a crisis situation. It’s just people moving from point A to point B; an every day occurrence if you will. If it were a crisis, then that is when people should in fact move their ass. But instead they panic like a deer in headlights and flounder in those situations. It’s baffling to me.

But you know what? Just like in the famous Bugs Bunny episode, the Tortoise always wins the race, so maybe all of the jack rabbits should rethink their strategy in the rat race of life.

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