40, Fabulous and Hairless?

The year of turning 40 is so liberating. Everyone wants to make a change, do new things, and see life differently. All of my friends are turning 40 this year and everyone is celebrating it differently. One friend is going on a spa vacation with her friends. Another had a nice dinner with her husband and children. And one friend celebrated with a bikini laser treatment. I just had to know more.

Essentially, she had mentioned it to her husband at one time in the recent past. And being the good little listener that he is, he remembered and surprised her with a gift certificate. I know that laser hair removal is somewhat unpleasant, but it’s permanent and you only need to go through it once. Depending how hairy you are probably has something to do with your pain threshold. Nonetheless, I told my husband, not that I wanted one, but I thought that it was an interesting off the wall birthday request. I was thinking something more along the lines of Cartier, Tiffany or Prada myself. But hey, different strokes for different folks. I’m not judging.

Anyway, my husband’s reaction was typical of any man’s and he asked the most basic question that every man would want to know. What shape did she get? So, jokingly I emailed her and told her that my husband wanted to know the shape. Standard V? A Sex and the City Samantha Lightning bolt? And she graciously replied with, “It’s an arrow. And guess which direction it is pointing? Although, I was contemplating the dollar sign.” Nice! Now THAT is a woman who knows what she wants at forty. I salute her!

Follow me on Twitter@tracysestili

Follow me on Twitter@tracysestili

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